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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2632 - 2635

 2632. So Faldoni, although he perceived a fault in the painting, kept his observation to himself well aware as he was that he lacked the status to enter into the critical discussions, since his task was just to grind up the colors. But his body played an odd trick on him unexpectedly.

 2633. “What is it Faldoni, what are you pointing at,” the master asked out of the blue?  The poor pigment grinder suddenly noticed, out of the corner of his eye, that his arm was extended and his finger was pointing directly at the master’s mistake. Why the arm, all on its own, should decide to do such a monstrously inappropriate thing he had no idea. It was his left arm and finger that was doing the pointing. 

 2634. He wanted to lower his arm but it seemed that the arm had a mind of its own and regardless of his intention to lower his arm and put his hand away into his pocket or something, it continued to point deliberately at a certain mistake in the masters painting. 

2635. Finally Faldoni reached over with his right hand and forced his left hand down into his lap, (he was sitting in a chair rather over in a corner at the time, back and to the right of the assembled students and a few feet in front of his pigment grinding table).

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