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Monday, January 27, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2712 - 2715

 2712. But before I can explain how a color is adjusted, and why it is necessary to adjust colors, I have to take issue with, and complain about so many other writers who have attempted to explain colors in the past. In their attempts to make a complicated subject understandable they so simplify the subject as to render their observations useless.

 2713. Color is a very difficult thing to describe and explain with words. To describe color with words is similar to using words to describe taste. A good example of the hopelessness of the use of words to describe either color or taste can be found in any magazine devoted to fine wines. 

 2714. In those magazines one can find thousands and thousands of words devoted to descriptions of the various taste of fine wines but the fact is, all of those words are both useless and meaningless because no combination of words and explain a combination of tastes.

2715. Verbal descriptions of taste depend upon the principal of association. For example you know what a banana tastes like. You also are familiar with the aroma walnuts, and perhaps you also remember the sensation of biting down on a piece of aluminum foil by accident when a small scrap of the wrapper was stuck to a fresh piece of gum.

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