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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2984 - 2987

 2984. The letter D, turned over on its back is the exact shape of the Romanesque arch, and therefore proves two things, first that cathedrals should be constructed with half circle arches, and that the sun does not exist during the night. 

 2985. You can see very clearly from the foregoing how important it was in Italy during the time of Faldoni, for the pointed arch to be resisted with all possible diligence. 

 2986. Then there was the comment about five being more than four and less than six for a reason. What could the reason be? Some felt that it was a reference to the five senior clerics of Milan who had recently evicted one of their members and thereby created the difficulty that when they voted on anything it was always a tie, and nothing could be decided on. 

2987. The reason five was more than four was because when five members cast their votes, a decision is always arrived at since there is never a tie. This was thought to be the obvious meaning of the remark about the numbers.

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