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Friday, April 18, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3036 - 3039

 3036. If he was playing the guitar in that way, just try to picture to yourself the terrible anguish the sound coming from his room would have had on monks and other personnel of the monastery. It would have simply torn one’s heart to pieces. But no, Faldoni was not playing the guitar in the middle of the night as he should have been. 

 3037. For a while the instruction in reading and writing went along without any problems because whatever the Jailer made up as his explanations for the words in the Latin text, he was able to remember and repeat. But after a while, when they were about half way through the second page, remembering all of his invented phrases became a difficulty.

 3038. Off and on the Jailer began to make mistakes and transpose one phrase for another. Faldoni did not notice this, and each time he found out his answers were wrong he just frowned and concentrated all the harder on the task. But by the time the two of them got to the third page of the text the problems and discrepancies in the instruction became so frequent that Faldoni finally noticed. 

3039. The Jailer’s mistakes came to light over this phrase; “Libenter homines id quod vuod volunt credunt.” The jailer told Faldoni that those words said, “This pork is burnt.” Later he said that they meant, “It looks like rain today.” The words actually mean: “Men freely believe in whatever they want.”

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