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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3016 - 3019

 3016. After saying all of this the friar was silent. He knew he had gone to far in what he had said, but he was carried away by the sound of his own voice in the silence of the judgment hall. Perhaps if the judges had shown any emotion or had even fidgeted in their chairs in a disapproving way, the friar might have exercised some caution. 

 3017. After a painful silence the judges conferred with each other very briefly, and in their hushed conversation it was obvious that all three agreed about every aspect of the case; not a good sign for the defense. If only the friar could see just one of the judges holding back and shaking his head in indication of skepticism. But there was no skepticism or disagreement, just three old men whispering and nodding their heads in agreement.

 3018. The judge in the center of the three had a crooked face, the right side hung down a little as if he had suffered a stroke. It was he that responded to the friar. He spoke not of Faldoni’s guilt or innocence, but of the friar’s argument.  

3019. The judge said, “First you attempt to establish that the gardener did not steal anything because everything belongs to the monastery. Not content with that piece of impertinence, you then make the argument that everything belongs to God. From there you have gone on to accuse us of a crime for taking it into our hands to act on God’s behalf, and without His permission.”

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