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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3072 - 3075

 3072. The Jailer said to the Cantaloupe man. “Have you heard about our gardener friend Faldoni, and that the day after Easter he will no longer be a member or our community?” The old man replied, “When hunting rabbits,  take your bits, bate them with rats, hold fast to the mast of the redolent past, for the facts that will last can be found in the bowl of an empty glass.” 

 3073. “Yes, I see exactly what you mean brother, but tell me, do you think there is any hope for preserving the life of out painter friend, he really is very innocent you know.” The old monk replied, “When the sun descends to the mountains, look for a cleft in the fountain. When the moon in its infinite glory, turns red it’s the end of the story.”

 3074. The Jailer thought about what these sentences could mean. Obviously they had to do with Faldoni, but he could make nothing out of them. The business of the past, and the empty glass could have indicated that nothing could be done for Faldoni. The words about the end of the story also did not lend itself to anything optimistic.

3075. Finally the Jailer made up his mind about his explanation of the Cantaloupe man’s words, and at dinner that night, apropos of nothing he said, “The Cantaloupe man says that Faldoni is destined to do paintings that will raise the dead. That is what he said; what do you suppose he means by it?”

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