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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3080 - 3083

 3080. I should think that being able to make a chair completely disappear would be a more impressive demonstration of spiritual power. When you raise the dead there is bound to be some scoffer in the crowd that witnessed the miracle that is going to start murmuring that the person was not really dead all along but was just pretending, or even in a conspiracy to fool the audience. But chair disappearance is hard to get around, and can be subjected to scientific proof.

 3081. If you make a chair disappear it creates a shattering and deafening roaring sound like thunder and lightening, and for the same reason. When lightening strikes, the area of the air the electricity passes through becomes void of all substance and is therefore a complete vacuum. This is a scientific fact, perhaps you did not know.

 3082. After the lightening has dissipated, the air rushes back into the space with all its might, and the air crashing against itself as it suddenly fills up the void is the thing that creates the sound of thunder. When a chair is made to disappear by religious and mystical methods the same effect can be expected. Where the chair once was, there is now a vacuum. The air, rushing into the chair’s old space will therefore create a noise like thunder.

 3083. About this noise there are two considerations: if the chair disappears very slowly by fading and becoming a ghost first, gradually becomes fainter and fainter, there is likely to be no noise, as the air will enter the space slowly and the sound is either muffled or there is no sound at all.

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