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Friday, April 25, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3064 - 3067

 3064. One of the simplest ways to predict the future is to have a favorite book, especially a big fat one full of obscure phrases like the Bible, something by Proust, or then again Joyce’s Ulysses . One simply opens the book at random and with the eyes closed you place your finger on a line. Then you open your eyes, read the line and decipher the content with a mind to predicting the future.  

 3065. Before you do this however, you have to keep in mind the necessity of employing certain adjustments and calibrations. The interpretation may be a positive and hopeful one, or, on the contrary, it may predict doom and destruction in the near future. But do not be distressed if your prediction is terribly negative until you adjust it using these considerations. 

 3066. Place your interpretation on a scale from minus 10, to plus 10. Minus ten will be a prediction of terrible drawn out suffering followed by death in the midst of being abandoned by your friends, after being falsely accused and convicted of insidious and unsavory crimes you did not commit.

 3067. Plus ten will signify something on the order of an unexpected inheritance. That nagging pain in your back has completely disappeared. Three different film makers want to buy the rights to the unfinished play you wrote thirty years ago when you were in high school. Somebody found a mimeographed copy in an old yearbook purchased in a used book store and, unbeknownst to you, it has become the talk of Hollywood.

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