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Monday, April 14, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3020 -3023

 3020. According to your reasoning, there are no crimes of theft, since everything belongs to God at all times. Since it is impossible for anyone to steal anything from anyone, you arrive at the conclusion that all judges are guilty of blasphemy. If we accept your reasoning, then there  are no criminals, and we judges are the only sinners. 

 3021. The friar, listening to these words, involuntarily nodded his head; an unwise thing for him to do at that moment.

 3022. The friar did not expect anything any different, and only hoped that he would not be condemned along with Faldoni for being so bold as to criticize the ecclesiastical judges. The judgment that was handed down was  simply a burning at the stake. In recognition of the fact that Faldoni did not intend to sell the pigment, the judges decided to dispense with the flaying part of his punishment.

3023. It was just the day before the beginning of Lent when the judgment was handed down, and according to the traditions of the monastery no burnings at the stake could take place until after Easter, forty days later. So Faldoni was taken back to his cell and locked up. His jailer, who had grown fond of him during his ordeal, saw to it that he had materials to continue painting if he was so inclined.

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