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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Faldoni, parts 3004 - 3007

 3004.  He said, “Is it fair to say that Faldoni stole the ultramarine blue pigment from the monastery? I think not. Who owns the monastery? The monastery is owned by the church. And the monastery’s lands and buildings are owned by the church. Faldoni’s cell is in the servant’s quarters and the servant’s dormitory itself is owned by the church.”

 3005. So, therefore the cell of Faldoni and his desk and his cot and his clothing, and anything that may happen to be under the bed in the cell are all possessions of the church.  You could say that even if Faldoni has some lint in the pocket of his tunic, that lint is also the possession of the church.

 3006. The Bible says that every hair on our heads is numbered by the Father, but those hairs of our heads are not only numbered, but also owned by Him as well. They are all loaned out from time to time for the use of some individuals for a number of years. But the hairs in question will, in the end, find their way back to the storage vaults of the Good Lord.

3007. So Faldoni could not have ever taken the ultramarine blue pigment, because wherever the pigment was, and wherever Faldoni was, both were all the time owned by, and possessions of the monastery. Just as Faldoni’s immortal soul as well as his fingernails and his worn out jacket are all in God’s keeping, and therefore are not our concern.

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