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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapter 6, Casting Manhole Covers, parts 272 - 275

Richard Britell June 21, 2012

272.  Before I tell you what happened to Buboni at the hospital I feel I should go back and explain what I said about myself in part 251. It was true that I was out walking in the middle of the night, but I want to tell you how it came about.

273. At first I went walking after dinner, and at the time I was often lost in thought about what was so important to me back then, making plaster casts for my sculpture class.

274. I had succeeded with the cast of my hand, and had also made a cast of my foot but now I was trying to think of something more interesting. On my walks I was noticing all of the interesting shapes in the road and  got the idea to make a cast of one of them.

275. I considered casting a sewer lid, and a sewer grate, and also those square metal covers over electrical connections in the sidewalk. I considered casting a form of the stamps the masons use in the sidewalk, but I made up my mind to do one of those big round steel plates that cover electrical terminals in the road, the ones about 3 feet wide with all the embossment and lettering.

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