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Friday, June 22, 2012

Casting Manhole Covers, Parts 276 - 279

Richard Britell June 22, 2012
276. I got together all my equipment and I went to the cover I had picked out, but couldn't go through with it. I was sure that if anyone saw me casting a manhole cover they would think I was crazy.

277. On Saturday I told Mrs. Festini about my problem;  how I  wanted to cast the man hole cover in plaster but couldn't because I felt too self conscious.

278. In the art room there is a book shelf with a collection of art books and she got down a book on an artist named Albert Ryder. She read the part in it that explained how Albert, to get ideas for his paintings would go out walking all night long, and would 'Soak up the moonlight' to use in his work.

279. What Mrs. Festini was suggesting was that I make the cast in the middle of the night when there was nobody around to bother me. Going out all night for your art work must have been fine for Mr. Ryder, but I still felt odd about doing it.

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