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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Casting Manhole Covers, parts 288 - 291

Richard Britell June 25, 2012

288.I suppose, being a policeman on a night route, and having nothing to do, having someone to talk to was interesting for him.  I would work on my mold making and he would stand behind me and ask questions, one after another.

289. Bob, that was the policeman's name, wanted to know a lot of things. "Will it be bronze when it is done? How does the mold stay flat when you put the plaster in? Is it heavy when it is finished"? Bob was full of questions but I could tell he was not really interested because he never listened to my answers, he was just killing time.

290. One night he was there when I pulled the latex mold up from a manhole cover and he was very interested to see the result. I turned it over and showed it to him by the light of the street lamp. "This is interesting," he said, "look at the letters, they are all backward, don't you think it will look odd if the lettering is backward?" he wanted to know.

291. I was stumped and confused, it never crossed my mind that the mold would be all backward looking, and I didn't know what to say. "I'll have to ask Mrs. Festini about this right away", I said. I had to put my project on hold for a time till I figured things out.  I tried to remember if my hand was backward when I cast it in plaster, was it a left or a right, I didn't know.

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