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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Casting Manhole Covers, parts 284 - 287

Richard Britell June 24, 2012

284. In our art room at the museum were some art journals and from the pictures in those magazines I got a feeling for what was bothering my art teacher, but for her to say  the exhibits were intended to make people feel stupid was going to far. It certainly looked peculiar to me, but they must have had their reasons, I'm sure.

285. Anyway, I took Mrs. Festini's advice and started to go out late at night to make plaster casts of manhole covers and sewer grates. The first night I painted the latex mold material onto a manhole on a side street, and on the next night it was cured and ready to be removed.

286. I made many molds this way. A policeman did stop me and asked what I  was doing but I did not take Mrs. Festini's advice, I just said it was an art project for a museum art class, and I did it at night so as not to be disturbed.

287. The same policeman drove that neighborhood every night and he invariably stopped to see how I was doing and how my project was coming along.

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