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Monday, November 12, 2012

Camus Crosses The Street, parts 842 - 845

842. Do you notice the similarity of Coromo beginning to paint and Netochka beginning to sing.  Coromo was not interested in painting pictures at first, he came about it by accident because he was trying to emulate children's pictures to entertain his woman friends. So in both cases you see, people became involved in their art completely by accident.

843. The similarity in those stories makes me suspect that the Duck has invented the story of Netochka. He is transforming the details in my story about Coromo, changed it to fit a different circumstance, and trotted it out as some piece of discovered history only he can have knowledge of because of some Duck hocus pocus. But I have always thought it is very important to make a distinction between historical truth, and fiction made up by Ducks carried away by their own eloquence.

844. "Duck hocus pocus?" quacked the duck. "What are you talking about?" "I did not make up any story about Netochka, the story I told you was directly from the music tutor who heard it from his father the viola player and transcriber of Vivaldi's manuscripts. I told you what I heard, I never make anything up, and as far as Netochka being similar to Coromo, it is an interesting observation, but it is only a coincidence.

845. As a matter of fact although I have a fantastic memory and the ability to weave those memories into stories intended to explain certain ideas, I have no ability to invent anything because I have no imagination. My head is so full of the images of all the things I know actually happened there is no room for fairy tales and fiction, I have no use for fiction anyway. 

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