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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 902 - 905

902. Once Rose's children were grown and out of the house her husband started buying houses in various desirable locations to serve as vacation homes depending on the season. Each of these houses was a blank slate in which Rose indulged a new found desire to experiment with ever newer and more expensive interiors.

903. She became an avid reader of "Architectural Digest", and "Art And Antiques". She spent her days looking through books of fabric swatches, collecting paint color samples, and talking at length with the sales people in furniture stores.

 904. She purchased so much furniture over a period of two years that the people she dealt with began to assume she was a professional, and so it was a natural step for her to have business cards printed up and get a tax exempt number.  She was her only client, but by offering her services free to her friends and neighbors she soon had an office, employees, a fax machine, a web site, and so many projects that she seldom finished her work day before eleven at night.

905. As is so natural with very rich husbands, Mr. VanDusenberg, began to complain off and on about the steadily increasing costs of his wife's hobby. She pointed out to him that every time they sold one of their investment properties the return was more than he expected. She wanted to take the credit for this, but he was skeptical. To him it was just a matter of the rising market.

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