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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vivaldi, parts 809 - 812

Images for 809 - 812 by Richard Britell

809. "I am just a simple teacher of music, and my father was only a viola player and transcriber of manuscripts. I have never composed any music, and as for opera, why I would not have any idea where to begin." said the music tutor.

810. But the girls were not to be dissuaded, if the tutor was not going to write an opera for them, they would write an opera themselves, and he would just have to help them do it. He would be the transcriber and the copyist, and they would do all the composing.

811. "But girls,", said the tutor, "You can't even start on an opera unless you have some idea to plan the entire thing around. What would your opera be about, who would be its heroes, who the villains, where would it take place? And even more than that, what would be the purpose of the opera, what would be its message?" With such questions he sought to discourage the girls from such a difficult project.

812. Marie Antoinette was ready for the question and said, "The opera will take place in the royal kitchens, a feast will be the setting. The royals will eat a huge meal in the dining room and retire to the ballroom, the dining room will be invaded by poor people who will eat up the leftovers. The poor people will become drunk and shout insults at the king and the queen.  Then the cooks and servants will return to clean up the dining room, and drive the poor out of the dining room and into the night. 

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