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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Camus Crosses The Street, parts 854 - 857

854. But I did not find out the answer to that question because the Duck started to talk about the idea Buboni had just brought up. "Buboni says," he began, "that the artist is free to do what ever he would like to do in this day and age, and he has to bow and scrape to no Pope or Emperor. This is thought of as an advantage.

855. At this point in art history we often hear things like the artist is 'unfettered', he is encouraged to break the bonds of academic thinking and training and to 'experiment'. But is this really such a wonderful thing.

856. The truth is that the artist only has such complete freedom, because hardly anyone cares what the artist is doing. The artist's friends and relations all say wonderful things about everything the artist does, but it is really meaningless perfunctory encouragement out of politeness. The terrible truth is, most people just don't care what artists are doing.

857. You may chose to disagree with me, and you may point out that our museums are overflowing now with visitors, and there is more traffic to shows than ever before. But I see it differently. The last time I was in a museum was six months ago, before I became involved with Richard and Buboni.

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