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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 910 - 913

910. In the morning, like a child getting ready for school, he presented himself to his wife for inspection, and never muttered a word of complaint, as she looked him over, changing a tie, or a belt.  He sold space in containers, but she made it a success with skills he knew existed, but could never for a moment really comprehend.

911. It is men like Mr. VanDusenberg who never dare to get a divorce, dependent on those skills which exist in a realm which to them is only magic, even though it's exercise is infallible.

912. This occupation of Rose's cost her husband around two hundred thousand dollars a year, but he did not mind it at all. Not only that, but he often tried to participate in her projects and could often be seen on a Sunday afternoon reading a copy of 'Better Homes And Gardens'.

913. Since Rose was on the board of the resort, and since she had so much interior design experience, she was asked to redecorate the dining room, with the understanding that if she was successful she would also be give the task of re-decorating all of the time share rooms when the time came. The first step in this process was for her to meet with the dining room manager, whose job it would be to execute all of Roses ideas. 

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