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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Camus Crosses The Street, parts 846 - 849

846. "But", the Duck continued, "I think it is you Aunt Jemima, that is embroidering your stories with pieces of fiction you have read in order to make the narration more interesting for your listeners. Perhaps long ago you happened to read Boccaccio's Decameron and so you added to your story of Coromo and the youngest sister the detail of his being very religious, in order to drag out that time in the woods when he was so full of desire."

847. "The difference is Mr. Duck", said Aunt Jemima, "I know Coromo and so I know he was very religious, but you did not know Marie Antoinette, so there.  Coromo's religious convictions had an interesting effect on his development as an artist as a matter of fact." "How so?" asked Buboni, always one to want to hear the details of some artists career. 

848. "Coromo had the idea to do paintings in his spare time and then try to find a way to have them get seen at the resort where he worked," said Aunt Jemima. "His biggest problem was always what to use for subject matter. He knew he wanted to paint pictures, he just did not know what those pictures should be about.

849. He finished six pictures, all of which were attempts to imitate children's pictures, as you know, but after he sold those paintings to Tallulah he had no reason to imitate children's pictures anymore. But if he was going to paint pictures, what sort of pictures should he paint, he wondered."

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