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Friday, November 2, 2012

Vivaldi, parts 805 - 808

805. One's eye searches the faces to combine the sound with the features amidst the crowd. Finally the eye and the ear make the connection, and the face somehow explains everything.  After the music is over  many people will search out that singer and ask for an autograph, but they really just want a closer look, because they are recognizing a future Prima Donna.

806. Such was Netochka's voice, and she did go on to become a Prima Donna. When she was older her performances were in demand all over Europe, and even after she married and raised five children, still she continued her successful singing career. 

807. The nuns of the orphanage were not surprised about Netochka’s success, they suspected it would happen. It was not just all the attention Vivaldi lavished on the girl, it was something else. It was her flaming red hair and her freckles which were exactly like Vivaldi's. They were quite certain that Netochka was Vivaldi's daughter.  

808. The music tutor did not know how Marie Antoinette and Gloria would react to his little story about Vivaldi, but their reaction took him completely by surprise. What interested them the most was the business of Vivaldi's composing a piece of music especially for the orphan girls. "Please compose an opera for us dear music tutor", pleaded the girls, "please oh please"

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