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Friday, November 30, 2012

Rose VanDusenberg, parts 918 - 921

918. It was not just Rembrandt and the other Baroque painters like Caravaggio that Rose wrote off as useless in the restaurant setting, all of the works of Andrew Wyeth went into the same brown excremental trash heap also. 

919. Rose's knowledge of art came from a class she took at the local community College, it was titled "Introduction To Art History", and it used the well known text book, "History of Art", by Janson. Rose read her copy of Janson's book from cover to cover, and almost all of the text had been highlighted with yellow marker.

920. Coromo stood next to the table where Rose and the restaurant manager were discussing art, the Janson book was opened to a page on which was a color reproduction of David's "Rape Of The Sabine Women." Rose was saying, "Look at this painting, David knew nothing at all about the Romans and the Sabine Woman except some ideas he may have picked up from reading history texts.

921. David's paintings of ancient Rome are like the movie 'Ben Hur', after a period of time they stop being considered seriously, and become something to laugh at. But consider his picture of the Death of Marat, David knew Marat, he could have trod in the man's blood. Therefore some of his work is painfully truthful, and others just a sad joke.

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