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Monday, May 27, 2013

Coromo In New York, parts 1635 - 1638

1635. When Coromo returned with the salad and bread rolls he found that the man was taking photographs of his paintings with his cell-phone, and then when he brought the main course he found him sending the images out in an e-mail to someone with his iPad. Later, as Coromo was serving him his coffee and desert, Proctor Cronk was looking at an enlargement of an image on the screen of his iPad. It was a picture of Coromo’s signature.

1636. The signature had been changed, the C of Coromo had been changed to a K, by the addition of a vertical line but it was easy to see that the K had once been only a C.

1637. Mr. Cronk’s interest in the paintings was of such a sort that Coromo felt he had to find out what it was all about so he asked the man in as casual a way as possible what the significance of the picture being painted on a canvas was.

1638. It was just like when a student in a college classroom asks their professor a question about a subject that is dear to the professor’s heart, a question perhaps that the professor had written a book about, a subject the teacher held controversial views about.

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