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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1587 - 1590

1587. War had broken out between the Mongovians, and the Lusitanians as it always did every few years, and the said General was commander of the armies of Mongovia, a very dangerous and violent man.

1588. About this coincidence of my actual father being called “The General,” and me having the same name: I thought it was pretty obvious that the gypsy had made it all up on the spur of the moment simply because he noticed that I had been referred to as, The General. But my father, being such a simple and trusting man, thought it was a kind of proof positive that the information was correct.

1589. The copper pot repairing gypsy assured my father that it would be a good idea to present me to the General, because he had a reputation for fathering children wherever his campaigns took him, and he was always anxious to see to their upbringing and well being. As proof of what he was telling us, he presented my father with a copper button with the letter G embossed its surface.

1590. He claimed that my actual mother gave this button to him. He claimed that he had been charged with the duty of presenting this button to my adopted father, with instructions to present it and myself to the General.

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