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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1571 - 1574

1571. The rooster is elaborately dressed as a doctor, but has the bird-beak so often associated with plague doctors tied to the front of his face. When he sees The General on the bed covered with purple spots he too will not go near him, but only observes him from a distance, jumping up on a table to get a better view.

1572. The rooster can offer no help but he volunteers to go and get a famous doctor from the town. The rooster leaves and the mother begins to tidy up the house, but all the time staying as far as possible from her sick husband. She moves the bucket of boiled grapes and in the process she is also splattered with flecks of grape jelly.

1573. Now the son enters and discovers both his mother and father covered with the dreaded purple spots. He begs his mother to lie down next to his father and, just like the rooster, tries to stay as far from them as possible. The hands of the clock spin around; twelve hours pass. 

 1574. In the early morning the rooster arrives announcing his return with his classical greeting. In walks the great famous doctor who is none other than Otis. Otis is dressed in formal attire.  He is walking on his hind legs and carries a medicine bag in his right paw; around his neck hangs a stethoscope. He has no fear of smallpox.

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