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Monday, May 13, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1579 - 1582

1579. Seeing as they were becoming famous, like with all famous entertainers, we have to know a little about their biographies, otherwise we can’t truly appreciate their good fortune. Lets us begin, therefore with the eldest. 

1580. Here is what he had to say about himself, I suspect it is entirely fiction, made up on the spot long ago in order to get himself out of some scrape. The General’s Story;  “I was born Seventy-six years ago, or perhaps it was sixty-seven years ago, I can’t be sure. My mother was a gypsy, and my father was a farmer near to the town of Ulm, on the border between Mongovia, and Lusitania. My father was a Mongovian who had moved to Lusitania either for religious reasons, or to avoid excessive taxation.

1581. I have heard it said that my mother hated my father with a raging passion, and she would have left him in two flaps of a wasp’s wing, but she was three months pregnant when they met shortly after her caravan caught fire during an epidemic of the smallpox. He found her asleep in his barn, took her in, and married her the following week. He was madly in love, he had never been in love before, and it was his first experience of the malady.

1582. As for my mother, it was to be a six-month’s marriage, give or take a few days. During the six months she spent a lot of her time scouring the house when my father was away on business, searching for portable but valuable items to take with her when the opportunity arose to resume her wandering life. She felt this was only fair, as she intended to exchange me, for the items she was storing up for her departure.

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