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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1603 - 1606

1603. The General’s Mongovian army was desperately in need of a new director of its field kitchen, because all of the previous staff had died just recently of either Typhoid Fever or food poisoning, most likely both.

1604. My father and I, being farmers were well acquainted with the field kitchen of the Mongovian army, just as we were equally acquainted with the field kitchen of the Lusitanian army. We had endured numerous visits from these individuals. We knew exactly why those troops suffered from typhoid fever. Typhoid Fever was our specialty.

1605. “Please Duck,” said Buboni, “no more stories about the plague and Typhoid Fever, we have had enough of the subject. Look here, you have put Aunt Jemima asleep with your preoccupation with death suffering, and the dogs of a thousand years ago. Let’s now change the subject.”

1606. The Duck was not surprised to see he had lost the interest of his audience. To Buboni the entire story seemed no more that a pointless fairytale, and as for Aunt Jemima, she actually had fallen asleep.

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