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Friday, May 10, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1567 - 1570

 1567. One can picture his ungainly nearly naked form. The wife looks up for a moment and seeing her husband’s frantic gyrations with the grape pot shakes her head in disgust and returns to her reading. Finally The General is satisfied with his pot of boiled grapes, he sets the pot aside and lies down to take a nap while the grapes cool. He is on his back and we can see how huge his stomach is. He begins to snore.

1568. The wife approaches him. We still can see only her back but from her reactions we see that something is terrifying her as she steps back from her husband's body holding her hands to her mouth. The General rolls over in his sleep exposing his corpulent body to the spectators: his face and his entire body covered with little flecks of dried grape. The General has, “The Grapepox.” 

1569. The wife, thinking her husband has smallpox, backs away from him in terror to the far side of the room until she is backed into a corner. From there she pleads with him to remain in bed. When he tries for a moment to get up she falls upon her knees and pleads with him to stay where he is and not move. Later she attempts unsuccessfully to feed him from a tray that has been tied to a long pole. 

 1570. The wife offers to go and find a doctor, if possibly there is one who will be willing to examine him. The wife leaves the room, and the spectators notice that the hands of a clock over the fireplace begin to rotate rapidly, two hours goes by. She returns with the rooster.

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