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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1559 - 1562

1559. “Be that as it my,” said the rooster, “what I want to create is a work that will redeem the rooster’s image in art, and present him in the light appropriate to his most important function, that being the herald of the dawn. To accomplish this I want you to consider the thing our spectators fear the most, and transform it into comedy.

1560. “What”, Otis asked, “do you consider the thing our spectators fear most.”  “Death,” said the rooster, “but not just any death, but the kinds of deaths provided by the unexpected and unseen sudden diseases that fasten themselves on the unsuspecting. And I am not talking about plague, which announces itself a long way off by attacking distant communities.” 

1561. “No, I am thinking of the smallpox,” said the rooster, “because it is always around the corner and never really goes away for long. Even more that pestilence, it is no respecter of wealth or royalty, and is just as happy to carry off a new born as the elderly.”

1562. “So,” said Otis, “you want me to compose a skit in which the fear or smallpox is the subject, it must be a comedy, and you, as a rooster, must play a prominent role and be seen in a positive light. Is that correct.” “Yes, exactly,” said the rooster. 

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