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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Otis The King, parts 1543 - 1546

1543. But this was not the case. There were instances, not often obviously, of single careless wolves being torn to pieces in the hen house. What strategy the chickens used to accomplish this was not widely known, but Otis had seen it happen. A decoy chicken lures the wolf to the hen house where a great mass of chickens lies in wait. Even before the wolf has a chance to lunge, he is attacked all over his body at once.

1544. It takes thirty of forty chickens to kill a wolf, and it can only be accomplished if the entire herd of chickens is in position before the attack begins. It never works if the birds are taken by surprise, because it takes almost an hour for them to stop running around in circles when they have been startled. There is nothing more deadly that a forewarned and prepared group of chickens.

1545. Other birds are equally deadly if prepared, five ducks can kill a wolf, and there have been swans that can kill a dog in single combat without ruffling a feather.

1546. Otis decided that what the Cock fight, skit was in need of was a dose of reality. He conceived a skit acted out with actual chickens, or one chicken to be exact. This one chicken would be pitted in a fight against a dog, the part of the dog being played by Otis, obviously. The combat is so unequal that the hen has no chance, except that it is a bold resourceful chicken in combat with a cowardly dog.

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