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Friday, May 3, 2013

))))))) Otis The King, parts 1539 - 1542

1539. What was interesting about the cockfight was the clothing of the chickens: one sported the blue and gold colors of the Mongovians, and the other wore the red and green sash of the Lusitanians. If they found themselves in Mongovian territory, then the Mongovian chicken would win, but not until after a terrible struggle.

1540. The Mongovian chicken is torn to pieces and every feather is plucked from his scrawny hide till only the broom handle and a little straw is left. He is covered with ketchup to indicate his wounds. Then just before the death rattle, he recovers. He seizes the Lusitanian chicken by wire that binds the straw to the broom handle and holding him down, proceeds to flay him alive right down to his wooden stump.

1541. Otis felt that this skit could use an improvement. First of all he thought using the heads of brooms for chickens was entirely inadequate. He was positive many of the spectators did not even know the brooms were supposed to represent chickens. He knew that the creation of actual puppets was well outside the skills of his troupe, but he knew about chickens from way back. How to improve the skit did not cross his mind until dinnertime.

1542. Dinner was chicken, as it so often was. Otis had great respect for chickens. First of all it was his favorite food. He was well aware that chickens were not respected as fighters. Even wolves had only a limited understanding of the character of the average chicken. Most wolves imagined it was simply a matter of getting into the hen house without being seen, and after that it was only a question of how much one wanted to eat.

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