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Monday, July 15, 2013

Michelangelo Buys Figs, parts 1831. - 1834

 1831. So, the little church, of no interest to anyone really, does not deserve to have the details of its architecture criticized. For years it has been embarrassed about the fact that some masons repaired some of the brick work in 1952 using a style of bricks one would only find at a strip mall, those yellow ones with the vertical ridges.

1832. Worse yet, whatever grand double carved oak doors graced the entrance of the little church years ago are long ago forgotten by everyone and you would not be able to find any photograph in an archive informing some restorer about the proper way the entrance to a small old church should look.

1833. Those doors are now in an architectural salvage yard and nobody knows where they came from. Today the little church has an entrance consisting of a gray steel fire door, with a little slotted vertical window just above the door handle, just the sort of door you would find as the entrance to a classroom in a modern high school.

1834. The gray steel door is much too small for the entry space of the little church and the extra space has been bricked up with those same ugly yellow bricks used on the other repairs.

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