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Friday, July 26, 2013

Michelangelo Buys figs, parts 1875 - 1878

1875. The artists of the time, in awe of Michelangelo, sought constantly to have a passing word from him, or the slightest recommendation which could make of destroy their careers, but L'Indaco snubbed him, and would not return his calls. This disturbed Michelangelo.

1876. To be sought out by the high and mighty and other great artists writers and poets was one thing, but to lose his connection to his roots, to simple people who know how to laugh unrestrainedly at stupidities, was a great loss to him. Never forget that Michelangelo was short, rather ugly, with a flat broken nose, and he was not always a home in polite aristocratic society, as was Leonardo, who was considered one of the most handsome and charming men of his day.

1877. But here we must depart from what Vasari had to say, and I must confess that even my speculation about what Michelangelo felt about L'Indaco is a bit of conjecture. But for the rest of this story we have the authority of Professor LaDuch, whose veracity need not be questioned, although A. Kingsley Porter has this to say about the story I am about to tell you.

1878. Porter says, “This story on its face seems to have little but unconscious humor to recommend it. However, the entire subject is so involved that it is impossible to speak about it with any confidence.”

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