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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Proctor Cronk At Syracuse, parts 1779 - 1782

1779. But after he died his wife was impatient to get it out of the garage as soon as possible. Like with your Plymouth, there was nothing wrong with it, she just wanted it out of the way. She asked me how much it would cost her to have it taken away, and I could have charged her a hundred dollars and she would have paid me to remove it. The battery was dead so it wouldn’t start. A week later I sold if to a college student.

1780. I had never seen Russian Icons before and I became very interested in them. I went to the library downtown and they had no information about it, so I went up to the university library and they told me I would have to go the separate library of the art department. There I found dozens of books all of which made no sense to me, but it seemed to me, looking at the reproductions, that my two icons were very good ones.

1781. Someone who saw them here in my office told me there was a Russian Monastery not far from here where the ancient art of the painting of icons was still practiced according to traditional methods. He was totally wrong about that, but, nevertheless, I went out there especially to see if there were any new icons being painted, and if I could buy a new one.

1782. Since I didn’t know anything about it, I imagined that the new ones were bound to be better than the old ones which were all chipped, broken, cracked, faded and rubbed out looking.

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