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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mussolini's Fiat, parts 1811 - 1814

1811. But this idea is meaningless expressed this way unless we consider some concrete examples. Lets consider a certain year in human history, say for the sake of argument, 1938. Using 1938 as our touchstone, consider the various political ideas being promoted by various factions of the human race at that time.

1812. There is Fascism and Nazism, Communism, and Democracy. During the year 1938, millions of people were dying bloody violent death because of the clash of these three political systems. Representatives of any one of these ideologies firmly felt that the other two had to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

1813. And don’t be deceived by the apparent harmonious cooperation that existed between the democracies, and communism during that time. They were just content to help each other eliminate the Nazis, and when that was accomplished they immediately began growling at each other from either side of the Berlin Wall.

1814. But during that time, when vast armies were fighting to the death promoting their various diverse ideologies, if you look carefully at the newsreels of the day, you will notice that all of those people are driving around in cars whose design is practically interchangeable. Hitler stands in the back of Mercedes Benz with chrome bumpers and detached round headlights and a vertical grill, and so does Stalin and Churchill.

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