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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mussolini's Fiat, parts 1823 - 1826

 1823. I chose to put my marker at the French Revolution because that revolution was only a grand worldwide revolution of clothing. The various classes of society were leveled not by changes in taxation, not by the abrogation of the feudal rights and prerogatives, but by the elimination of the embroidered surcoat, and the powered wig.

1824. It was only a clothing revolution, and did not involve anything about the rights or man, as the speakers of the day were wont to foam at the mouth about. Never forget that when Napoleon was attempting to spread the equality of man throughout Europe with his revolutionary armies, he was at the same time putting down slave revolts in Haiti with the use of man-eating dogs.

1825. He had to suppress the slave revolts so as to keep the price of sugar down since all of the French sugar was imported from the plantations in Haiti. So, in truth the French revolution only really succeeded in replacing buckled shoes with lace up shoes, that was its greatest accomplishment.

 1826. Other than the change in clothing, things went on happily as before. The rich wear the fashions of the day, and the poor wear their ragged hand me downs in whose design can be see the prevailing philosophies of a time.

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