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Friday, July 12, 2013

Mussolini's Fiat, parts 1819 - 1822

 1819. Then obviously there is the question of the style of the shoes, eyeglasses: (round or square,) round obviously in 1938. These things are just the tips of vast icebergs of stratified visual and physical fixtures in society worldwide. We could go further and talk about figures of speech, and even facial expressions and the various ways people smile, frown, and indicate disbelief with their body language.

1820. All of these things, from the size of a gentleman’s lapels, to the way he expresses surprise with a movement of the eyebrows, down to the pattern of ones socks, is ruled over by imperceptible, ever changing but iron clad laws that everyone will obey despite themselves. They will obey those laws even when they appear to be violating them.

1821.You think perhaps Einstein’s haircut was an expression of his individuality, and that it transcended the fashion look of his day? Far from it. It may look unique, but it is completely predictable, because he fashioned himself as an elderly hippy, that was his look.

1822. This is not to say there are not variations, even extreme variations, but the passage of time, expressed as fashion awareness means that you can only transpose a personage from before the French Revolution into the 1950es by way of the costume party or Halloween.

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