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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mussolini's Fiat, parts 1807 - 1810

1807. It is not going to matter to you what his reputation is, if a person is dressed like Harpo Marks, they are not going to be making your investments for you, you will go instead to the man who just stepped out of the pages of a recent Gentlemen’s Quarterly. And it must be a recent Quarterly, an old one will never do.

1808. In a recent Gentleman’s Quarterly, every single man will not have a beard, but will nevertheless need a shave. But if it is an old G.Q. then everyone will be clean-shaven. If your new investment advisor needs a shave that is perfectly fine, but if this was 1978 than that investment advisor needing a shave is probably fleeing from government auditors.

1809. Clean shaven, needs a shave, this is where millions are won or lost, make no mistake about it, because fashion rules, and is more important than knowledge in all areas of human endeavor.  

1810. Nobody is willing to admit that this is so, and yet everyone is subject to it everyday of their lives. Consider industrial design, that is the discipline of coming up with the various forms and shapes our manufactured items take, such as cars, toasters, refrigerators, and the like. The decisions those professionals make are much more important in society than, for example, political decisions made by any government.

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