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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mussolini"s Fiat, parts 1815 - 1818

 1815. Mussolini commissions Fiat to create a grand sedan that is identical to the Hitler Mobile and the Lincoln Continental or Cadillac that Eisenhower was driving at that time.

1816. In the morning Roosevelt puts on a three piece suit cut a certain way, and so does Mussolini, unless perhaps Il Duce is going to wear his military uniform. But if it is a military uniform, it will be cut to look like a late 30es military uniform, because Mussolini would never be caught dead in a military uniform cut in the style of World War 1.

1817. Now it is true that Stalin was in the habit of wearing conventional clothing with a few more pockets that gave it a sort of military look, and must have liked the look of Mark Twain because he tended to dress all in white. But regardless of the extra pockets and the all white look, you could never photo-shop Stalin into a group photograph next to Mr. Twain and get away with it, because the obvious anachronism would give it away in an instant.

1818. Stalin went so far as to copy Mark Twain’s moustache. In the 1940es he could get away with copying the moustache because that look was still hanging on from the turn of the century. But he would never have considered utilizing Mr. Twain’s pork chop sideburns. If he had decided to wear those sideburns and the haircut he knew he would not be taken seriously when he met Churchill and Roosevelt at Yalta, regardless of all of the Red Army’s victories.

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