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Monday, March 3, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2852 - 2855

 2852. All of these pictures are details for my new painting and I have had them printed just to the size they need to be on my canvas. They are the most perfect time saving device for me in my work, you should avail yourself of it.

 2853. “You know John,” replied Holman, trying to repress his rising aggravation, “what you are doing with these photographs is turning the most important aspect of out work into mindless drudgery. The great virtue of our drawing and painting is that we get to minutely examine the world of nature and gradually come to understand it.” 

 2854. Just like the botanist, we come to know the shape of the leaves of individual plants and their characteristic way of unfolding. Everything we look at and draw becomes a part of our character.

2855. But you plan to substitute for that lofty process, the tracing out of images on tracing paper. Why, you could draw shapes all day and all night and in the end perhaps not even realize what it was that you were drawing in the first place. In this way you will substitute a shallow exactitude for the true understanding of your subject.

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