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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2884 - 2887

 2884. But everyone involved knew very well that they all would be found guilty and then, after a certain amount of torture would be burned at the stake. The students apprentices put all of their faith and hope in the master painter because of his connections in high places, and so they assumed that after the uproar quieted down a directive would come from Rome and they would all be released with a warning.

 2885. This is what came to pass. After a month the Pope himself sent a letter by way of one of his cardinals, suggesting that all the painters have their trials put off indefinitely until he could review the matter. 

 2886. Furthermore the Pope promised Dominic Montafalamantori that he would have the honor of being depicted as a principal mourner in the sculptural group of figures being carved for the Pope’s funeral monument. This funeral monument was well along in construction and already fifteen life-sized figures had been completed.

2887. That left only Faldoni who was not mentioned in the Pope’s letter, and was such an unimportant person in the proceedings  that he remained jailed long after all of the others had been released and put to work on other projects.

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