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Monday, March 24, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2936 - 2939

 2936. “They say that the Archbishop of Turin had a silken robe that has six hundred diamonds and rubies embroidered in the border of the hem, the cuffs, and the collar. And the robe of the Archbishop is, as I have been saying, proof positive that he is in possession of the word of God, because otherwise how could he possess such a garment? It has to signify something.”

 2937. But they say that one time a Cardinal showed him too little respect and so he sent his robe to the tailors and had another hundred rubies sewn into the hem, even though it was beginning to be so heavy the seams were beginning to burst.

 2938. And now the friar’s sarcasm was beginning to show to such an extent that he felt sure that Faldoni would understand what he was driving at, but the painter still just nodded his agreement. Finally the friar said. “Are you listening to me Faldoni, do you understand what I have been saying to you?” “Yes,” answered Faldoni.

2939. “Then tell me, what is it that I have been telling you, go on and repeat what I have said so that I can see that you are listening to me!” Faldoni stretched out his hand and pointed to the paintings on the wall of his cell and said, “The paintings I have painted show that I am innocent.”

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