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Friday, March 21, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2924 - 2927

 2924. No, the Friar took a subtle indirect approach, and his words seemed to imply the very opposite of his intent. He said, “One thing is obvious to anybody Faldoni, and that is that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is in possession of the absolute truth, and we can be confident that anything they decide to do is divinely authorized.”

 2925. “ How do we know this, where is the proof?” he asked rhetorically, even though he did not expect an answer. “All you have to do is go to Rome and have a look at the buildings of the Vatican. How, I ask you, how could such structures have ever been built unless the builders were being guided by the mind of Jehovah himself.” 

 2926. Not seeing any reaction from Faldoni, the friar went on, “And not just the structures, but the decorations. Consider just the mosaics. Workman had to glue and cement all of those millions of tiny odd shaped stones and pieces of glass and after months of constant labor all of those little fragments of different color stones and chips of glass, when seen from a distance, coalesce into astounding images. Don’t you think so Faldoni?”

2927. Faldoni nodded his agreement, but in that way that people nod at the end of another person’s sentence as a gesture of politeness, and to show that they have been listening all along even when in  fact they have been day dreaming of something unrelated all along.

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