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Monday, March 17, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2908 - 2911

 2908. From Dostoevsky’s, The Devils. “ Is it true what I hear, that you robbed a church in our district the other day?” he asked the tramp.

 2909. From Dostoevsky; “Well, you see sir, I went to the church with the idea of saying my prayers,” the tramp answered sedately and courteously, as if nothing special had happened; not only sedately, but even with dignity.

 2910. From Dostoevsky; “And when the good Lord brought me there,” he went on, “I thought to myself - oh, what heavenly bliss! But as God is my witness, sir, it was a sheer loss to me - the good Lord has truly punished me for my sins: I got only twelve roubles for the censor, the pyx, and the deacon’s strap. I got next to nothing for the chin setting of St. Nicholas of pure silver, they said it was plated.”

2911. From Dostoevsky; “Murdered the watchman didn’t you.” “You see sir, it was together with the watchman that I robbed the church, and it was only later, at daybreak, by the river, that we had an argument about who should carry the sack. Afraid, sir, I didn’t ought to have done it, but I did make it a little easier for him.”

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