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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2888 - 2891

 2888. But, you might point out, Faldoni was the only one of the group who was completely innocent. Not only had he done no painting on the picture in question, but he was the one who pointed out the mistake in the first place. It was quite obvious to anyone that he, of all people, should have been released. But unfortunately there was a separate problem, something very seriously incriminating that could not be overlooked, even by the Pope himself.

 2889. During the investigation into the causes of the mistake in the mural everyone who had anything to do with the project had their rooms searched, and that search included Faldoni’s cell with his numerous portrait heads painted on the wall. The ecclesiastical police found the paintings very curious to say the least, but it was not their job to have opinions about art. 

 2890. What they did find suspicious were the paints and painting materials Faldoni was using to paint his little masterpieces. As you know, he was in the habit of removing things from the work site that had been left over or neglected, and over time he had gathered in his cell an assortment or painting materials. None of these things amounted to much, there were various nearly worn out paintbrushes, and assorted pigments, all of them earth colors of little more value that garden dirt.

2891. But among Faldoni’s pigments was found a jar of ultramarine blue, four ounces of  extremely pure ultramarine blue that he himself had ground up for the master who had simply neglected to take it away when Faldoni was done making it.

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