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Monday, March 31, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2964 - 2967

 2964. In the middle of the presentation of the ground-plan talk the old monk stood up and shouted out, “The Archbishop eats cantaloupe in  his rooms in the middle of the night.” 

 2965. The Archbishop could see in an instant the sort of situation he had to deal with, and the other monks expected this embarrassment to end as soon as it began but the old man did not sit back down, but repeated his foolish accusation over again even louder, and then a third time. Finally he had to be forcibly restrained and removed from the hall.

 2966. That evening the Archbishop did not return to Milan, he became violently ill with a stomach ailment. He went to bed in a feverish sweat and in the morning he was in the grip of a raging fever. The next afternoon he was in a coma, and he died in the evening.

2967. Word came from Milan just as he was expiring, asking about the Archbishop, and warning that there was a food poisoning epidemic in Milan brought about because of some spoiled cantaloupe that was sold in the city some days before. Three priests had died of the ailment, and the message inquired about the health of the Archbishop.

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