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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2916 - 2919

 2916. People in Faldoni’s situation were often tempted to run away if the opportunity presented itself because the outcome of his trial was such a forgone conclusion that any type of vagabond life on the run would have seemed better that what he had to look forward to. But, although Faldoni had no inclination to escape, still a guard was placed at his door. Actually his cell was guarded by two men, one in the day and one in the evening.

 2917. Faldoni’s fate would have already been decided, and his person would have already been disposed of if not for a scheduling problem that delayed his trial. But a delay in a trial seems to be an inevitable characteristic of trials in general since time immemorial.

 2918. The appointment to defend an already condemned man was in no way a position anyone ever sought. It was very dangerous to present too vigorous an argument because the likely result would be to involve oneself in the crime and suffer the same fate as the criminal.

 2919. With this in mind a certain humble friar of the district named Friar Thomo, who was recently arrived and knew nobody in the area, was sent to have a chat with Faldoni in order to ask him a few questions and then prepare a defense to present to the judges.

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