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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Faldoni, parts 2928 - 2931

 2928. Excited by his idea of the mosaics the friar went on. “Now imagine you are the workman working on that mosaic. You are up there on the scaffold a hundred feet above the ground. You have been told to cement three hundred various little stones of ultramarine blue into a section of a dome in a space mapped out by someone else who died four years before.”

 2929. You have no idea what those blue stones represent because you have not yet had the opportunity to view the dome from a distance, and even if you could you would not be able to figure it out because it will not be complete for another ten years.

 2930. You Faldoni, are like one of those little ultramarine blue squares being cemented into the dome, an immense sphere the radius and the diameter you could never imagine. You will never have the slightest idea what part you play in that picture because you had no part in its creation, and you could never get back far enough from it to see even a tiny corner of it.  But the design exists, and you are a part of it.

2931. And even if, some thousands of years from now, some of those stones should fall out, be swept up and thrown away, or ground under foot, the little void that remains where it once was still tells your story. That little empty space says, “I existed, once I existed. I was beautiful, and in my absence am yet more beautiful.”

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