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Monday, September 3, 2012

Coromo chapter 2, parts 568 - 571

568. To solve his problem of how to do a set of paintings he came up with the idea of doing them on cardboard, of which there was an ample supply at the dumpsters, and for paint he was going to 'borrow" several cans of paint from the maintenance department. In the maintenance department were thousands of small cans of all sorts of touch up paint, mostly in pastel shades, but he was not concerned about that. As for brushes, he would figure that out later.

569. The foreman of the maintenance department was a friend of Coromo's and was happy to let him have several cans of old paint. Coromo offered to fill out forms and promised to bring everything back the next day, but he was told that the best thing would be to throw it all out, because it was no use to anybody. He put all of the paint cans in a box and headed for the door, but suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks.

570; Over in the corner of the maintenance room was a huge dumpster and sticking out of the dumpster was a practically new "French Landscape Painters Easel", complete with all of its tubes of paint, brushes, palate knives and blank canvases. "The tourist ladies like to do a few paintings when they are here, but the thing is too big to take back on the plane, so they leave it all in their rooms when they go, I got five of them, you want one?" said the maintenance foreman.

571. He found himself at home that night sitting in front of his new French Landscape Painting Easel and wondering how on earth one did a painting, having never considered the thing before. Like anyone else who is new to it, he began timidly drawing with a pencil, and for a subject he decided on a picture of a bus full of tourists driving down the street in front of the resort. He worked at the drawing for about an hour and gave up in despair. In his tangle of lines he could find neither bus nor tourists.

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