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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marie Antoinette Eats Cake, parts 660 - 663

660. Now look at this piece of pottery made thousands of years later by some ancient Greek, also covered with similar patterns.  I am  saying  that all of these people had a pancreas, they all had earlobes, and they all had a desire to cover surfaces with geometric decoration; but the truth is they had no choice about it. They had to cover these objects with decoration because doing so is a physical necessity which if ignored leads to depression, thoughts of suicide, and the endless hours of watching television.

661. "The watching of television programs in the vain hope that the vicarious consumption of seeing others do things that have a temporary sort of meaning will fill the void in the human soul that comes from never creating anything of any sort for yourself."

662. And worst of all is that the vicarious consumption of television drama is yet twice removed, because the actors in a television drama are not doing anything but acting the part of a meaningful life, instead of living it. Seinfeld had only imaginary friends who pay him imaginary visits, and the actors on....So Buboni went on with his lecture as he so often did, and I drifted off for a few moments into my own world.

663. This is not to say I was not interested in what Buboni was saying, on the contrary I was stung by it. I saw clearly the inescapable point he was raising, which applied to my entire life. Creativity is a physical necessity essential for a meaningful life. It can not be suppressed of ignored, but it is often put off for an entire life time, only to re-emerge in old age as a pathetic desire to do something, anything, that has some meaning.

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